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Wind agrovoltaico

Worldwide REM Tec patent related to the combination of wind and solar energy allowing the reduction of the off-grid production of the PV park.



Voltaico plus

The tracking system of the basic Agrovoltaco® can be implemented with a special software called Voltacio Plus, able to optimize the backtracking phases at the beginning and the end of the day.

The yearly increase made by Voltaico Plus in terms of power production range from 5% to 10% , according to the latitude of the plant.


Shading nets

The basic Agovoltaico® can be integrated with a series of automated systems to enhance the agricoltural yields, such as shading nets, special nets against hail, transparent or white films.

The nets can be moved by hand or automatically by motors during the day, season by season, following the requirements of the crops, with an improvement of the best parctice of cultivation.