Global context

The world population is increasing by 1,1 % per year (75 million people). This people require some needs for food. According to UN organization, the specific agriculture land use per capita has decreased between 1960 till 2011 by 34% in Europe and 46% worldwide.

On the other side, the power demand has increased in the last years by 2-5% / year depending upon the countries. The worldwide projection is about 56 % for the period 2010 till 2040, which means a mean increase of ca. 2,5% / year.

More, the environmental pressure has increased regarding the land use. Therefore, the question for the future is the following: what are sustainable solutions to produce more agriculture products and secure enough power to satisfy population generating wealth?

Our solution

For this reason, REM Tec has developed Agrovoltaico ®, which is covered by several worldwide patents. The basic idea of Agrovoltaico ® is to use full agriculture land for the production of clean electrical energy as well as agriculture healthy products.

By implementing shadowing from the modules, we can generate more agriculture products. The farmers are becoming full actors of the power production implementing a better quality for their products. According to studies made in cooperation with the University of Piacenza on one side and works done by Fraunhofer Institute on the other side we know, since 2011 from the experience of several plants, the impact of the shadow on the growth of different agriculture products. For some species with Agrovoltaico ® there is no impact, for some other the system improves the production. for wheat and maize the loss of yield is less than 3%.

Agrovoltaico ® is a 3D tracking system allowing to transform the maximum of the daily sun energy into electrical power.

IMG 2139


The results of our Agrovoltaico® plants show a production up to 50% compared to ground mounted PV plants.

REM Tec has specific solutions allowing to provide the best available technology for your project.